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Mid Roscommon GWS, Mid Roscommon Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Notice Board

Mid Roscommon GWS, Mid Roscommon Co-Operative Society Ltd.
  • GWS Awards

Mid-Roscommon Co-Operative Society Ltd. was announced as winner of the 'Water Demand and Climate Action' category at the 2022 Group Water Scheme Excellence Awards. This follows on from the two Excellence awards won were in the categories of 'Biodiversity Enhancement' and 'Community Engagement' in 2021. We want to thank all our members and wider community who contributed to various initiatives we did throughout the locality to help win the awards. 


Some of our Board members with 2 of the GWS Excellence awards we won for 'Biodiversity Enhancement' and 'Community Engagement' in 2021

  • ​​Meter Reading

The next scheduled meter reading will take place in April 2023. 

  • Next Billing

Some 2021 invoices are still outstanding. Please pay as soon as possible. All bills paid before 31st March 2022 are eligible for a 20% discount on next years bill (if account is not in arrears). All water charges to be paid before 30th April 2022. 2022 invoices will be issued in the coming weeks. 


  • Check your meter regularly

Water usage has increased over the past number of weeks. All members are urged to regularly check their water connections for leakage. Care should be taken when inspecting meters at the roadside and high visibility vests should be worn. It is also extremely important to replace the covers properly.

  • Roscommon Source Protection Project

Following the completion of the project of catchment areas supplying both sources for our water supply, we move on to identifying high risk areas which need to be protected. 

As part of this project, 2 new water stations were installed on the Group Water Scheme. One was installed in Fourmilehouse and the other in Tulsk. People can fill their water bottles at these stations free of charge. 

As part of this project, three local primary schools were involved in projects learning about biodiversity, water resources and how their actions affect the world around them. Sean Corrigan (Project Manager) visited the schools and got the pupils involved by giving talks about the catchment area and creating awareness how their actions affect the local communities. Each pupil in the schools on our GWS received a reusable water bottle so they can refill their bottle at our water stations. 


Bernard Kearned (Board member) pictured with Michael McCormack (Chairman) at our water station located in Fourmilehouse

  • "I've planted a tree and my garden is pesticide free"

A national school project targeting the domestic use of pesticides has been rolled out across Co. Roscommon. Mid Roscommon GWS manager Noel Carroll is leading the initiative. Every child attending national school in the county will receive online information about the damaging consequences of pesticide use and about the importance of biodiversity enhancement. They will also receive a tree as well as a certificate recognising the child's role as an 'advocate for biodiversity' in their own homes.

  • "Let it Bee"

Another initiative being trialled on our Scheme is the "Let it Bee" initative. This project gave a selected number of farmers beehives, equipment , mentoring and training with a view to changing mindsets and practices on pesticide usage on their farms. The theory behind the project is if the community look after and protect the bees, the water will also be protected as a co-benefit. 

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